Anxiety And The 5 Steps To Figuring Out How To Deal With It

Anxiety is something that people in this world suffer from far more than they would like to admit. The problem with anxiety is that not a lot of people understand it and they are not sure how to deal with it, or how to help a loving one deal with their anxiety. Anxiety can be a trigger for many factors. It can be a traumatic experience that happened in somebody’s childhood or it could just be a stressful situation that they don’t like getting themselves into. However, anxiety can also come from hard to explain situations and it can strike at almost any given time. This form of anxiety is the hardest to deal with, for both the person suffering from anxiety and the people that are there at the moment the person is having an anxiety attack.


Sometimes it’s good to deal with anxiety with medications involved. Usually, there are many forms of stressful situations that trigger an anxiety attack that can happen while driving a car, and at that given moment many people don’t have time to react to calm down with methods and tricks. For those people, medication is the best form of help as it will keep the anxiety attacks to a minimum or root them out completely.

Portrait of a woman holding her head with a pained expression.

Be aware that any medication that affects one’s state of mind usually comes with some side effects. You might find yourself unusually tired and sleepy, and sometimes nothing can seem like a fun activity. But also consider that the tradeoff came due to the reason that this was your last line of defense and that the medication is probably helping you more than inconveniencing you.

For all other people that have a reaction to an anxiety attack where they have time to calm themselves down, we have a trick that can help you overcome your stress attack in 5 easy steps.

The countdown starts from the number 5

Look around you and count up to 5 things you can see in your surroundings. Focusing on numbering 5 random things around you can easily stray your mind from the anxiety attack. Every time looking for something new and harder to pronounce in your mind.

Next, try and touch 4 things around you. By touching them and feeling their texture, your mind will try to talk with you about the texture. It could be soft, or hard or cold or hot.


Then listen for three indistinctive sounds. Focusing on the sounds around you will further relax your mind.

After that, you want to focus on the smell around you. If you are wearing perfume take a deep breath of it on your skin or shirt, and the second one can always be a new game for you to locate a new smell.

Last but not least taste something. If you are chewing bubble gum focus on its taste. The one thing that always keeps our mind busy is to focus all our senses and soon enough the anxiety attack will be suppressed.