What Is Stress And How To Deal With Stress

Stress is often a reaction of the body to life or situations where we have to dig our way out of an uncomfortable or unfavorable situation. The ever-present and looming feeling of dread as the stress keeps creeping into our normal thoughts is something that has seen an increase in activity in the recent years.

With so much stress present in our day-to-day lives, it is not a far fetched situation to find oneself broken down by stress and stress-related situations.

Stress and stress-related situations

The fight against stress can be a long one and a tedious one as it always seems that the moment we fight off one stressful situation that another one pops. It’s like before we close one door somebody is knocking on the window and it’s just a vicious circle of constantly being in a state of panic that can also lead to heavy and dangerous issues when it comes to both our mental health and our physical health. stress_free

The problem when dealing with stress is that it has many factors and triggers, and usually the triggers are something that we can’t fix with just our will, for instance getting fired is something that is not fixable in that moment and the stress generated from that stressful situation can impact our health in damaging ways. Another example where the stressful trigger is out of our hand is when somebody indirectly puts us in a stressful situation, for instance, a car accident. IT goes without saying that stress management begins with the simple explanation that we should not stress but how can one not be stressed by a situation like the car accident where everything was out of our hands?


The trick to dealing with stress is to accept the situation and focus on the ways that the stressful situation can be dealt with. The trick is, of course, to focus all that energy and the big outburst of anxiety to find the solution to the problem. However, this is not the only way to deal with stress. Some people can’t think straight in these situations so for them finding the solution to the problem is out of the question before they calm down. For these kinds of people, we recommend the deep breathing technique. For instance, 10 controlled and timed breaths can take you a long way when you want to relax.


There is also the stress that we can’t fix at the given moment so for that kind of stress we need long-term planning and relaxation methods. Methods like training, yoga, meditation and positive thinking. All of them can help you navigate to a less stressful future and minimize the health-related problems.